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The Late: SuperMacMod
What OS X system (version) are you running?
--Have you run permissions yet?
--Have you used Disk Utility from the CD to Repair Disk?
--What devices are connected to your machine?

Do not repost your question on another thread in order to get a faster answer.


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... _not_ until you learn to create a thread title that reflects your problem.

It's really a bit of a problem lately. So many users come here, create an account, and somehow think too ego-centrically. While "Heeeeeeeelp!" might seem perfectly appropriate to _you_, it doesn't tell your reader anything about your actual problem. Let's say your problem is that your Mac only boots correctly half of the time. Well: Then state "Boot problems" in your thread title. There's even space for a thread title like this: "My PowerBook (15") only boots correctly half of the time!" Inside the thread, you can further lay out your problem. But don't forget that it's important to create a good thread title, too. Pleese. Really.
Not open for further replies.