Read this if you have Linux...


OS X doesn't seem to get along well with Linux installs. At least it didn't for me.

I had my drive partitioned for OS 9/X, a single 500MB HFS partition to use as a Linux exchange, a 40MB bootstrap, and the rest to Linux/LinuxVM.

OS X had been exhibiting odd behavior. Notably the startup disk panel in System Settings would crash upon attempting to load. And the HFS partition mysteriously generated new ones. It was two partitions in OS X, then three, then...

Well I suspected the startup disk problem to be the bootstrap and fake system used on it to boot into Yaboot. I think System Disk was expecting to find the OS 9 System and the OS X system and not much else. So today I logged into good old pdisk in the terminal and wiped the Linux partitions, bootstrap and HFS partition clean off. Then repartitioned that section of the drive to be just HFS. Nice thing about UNIX and pdisk, it doesn't destroy your good system partition if you don't want it to :)

I booted up with my OS 9 cd and set the Startup Disk panel on the OS 9 folder to boot to OS 9 (since the OS X panel would never launch) and once I got back into it I was able to select the partition and erase it.

I booted back into X and voila! Startup Disk now works flawlessly. And the HFS (now HFS+) partition stays as one.

Too bad really. I was hoping to set up Yaboot so I could select either OS X or OS 9 by holding down a key at bootup time. I still might give it a shot though...