reading CDs burned on Windoze


99% of the old image CD's open fine on the Mac . . . then there are those which open titled: "UDFREADER" . . . clicking on that brings up three files: "Autorun.inf" "UdfrChk.exe" & "udfrinst.zl" . . . these problem CDs were burned on a Windoze machine & most likely with an external Sony firedrive burner which came with an odd burning program . . . . . . . anyhow . . . . . . . does anyone know of a way around the autorun other than reburning the offending CDs on a Windoze machine ?


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Ouch, this is not a good thing. The software seems to have burned two sessions onto the disc, one with drivers, and one with the data. The intent is that you can take the CD to any PC and it should read it, but Macs do have oddities dealing with certain kinds of multiple-session discs.

Even though this is a bit late, it does appear from my end that you will need to re-burn the discs.


UDF is a format for re-writeable CD's. mac's can read UDF 1.5 but not UDF 2.0.

i try and avoid them cause they arnt standards and wont open everywhere. Make sure you burn the CD's as iso9660 - then they will work everywhere. Windows sometimes uses joiliet, this allows longer file names, not sure how they go. More details here