Real Player in IE 5.1


I feel stupid, but I cannot get Real Player to run from IE 5.1 in OSX. It is there as a helper file, but when I go to commonly visited sites with streaming audio (NPR for example), it downloads a little file and does not launch the player. Is there some dumb thing I am missing - you know, one of those Microsoft-esque interface quirks that I have come to love so much?:confused:
There is no Real Player app and plug in for OSX yet.

The only way to view Real Video with OS X is to launch the classic version of either Netscape or IE.
Thanks - this is what I thought until I saw Real Audio listed as a helper in IE 5.1. Why they have, by defualt, all sorts of file types assigned to various player apps that don't yet exist is beyond me - I'm sure there is a good reason somewhere.

I had launched Real Player in Classic just before I received your message - it is a little shakey when I open apps, files, click on any button..., but as long as I don't use my computer for anything else my G4 450 with dual Hitachi 19" monitors, 2 each 20 GB drives, 256 MB RAM, USB hub, CDRW drive... works pretty well as a $4000 radio. What an amazing world!