really slow (5 minutes) logout


On my tibook with 10.1 about 90% of the time I get a really slow
logout that takes 5 minutes. Login is fast. This even happens if
I login and log straight out again.

I guess one solution is back it up and do a clean install. But then I have
to install Fink, XFree, teTeX and run Fink through all the things I want

I would be grateful for a shorter solution :)

I've been having the an issue that sounds exactly the same as yours. If it is the same thing, then I don't think any amount of reinstallation is going to help; in my case, the stall (not permanant, but annoying) is directly tied to whether 10.1 can make a connection via my cable modem or not. If it can, speedy logout (or startup--the same thing happens right before the login screen then). If it can't (it uses an analog modem for upstream, which I sometimes have off), it'll stall until some very long timeout goes by.

I think this actually happened under 10.0.4, but the timeout was much shorter,and in any case I have no idea what X is trying to do. Scared the heck out of me right after I upgraded--I thoght something had gone wrong until I waited patiently (and hopefully) for a long time. I later figured out what caused it...

Anyway, maybe Apple'll fix this (or shorten the timeout) in the future, but if your Internet connection is intermittent, see if making sure it's connected before you log out fixes the problem.