realplayer in classic & IE in OS X



I am trying to access realplayer media types while using IE 5 in OS 10.1. I have OS 9 on a seperate disk and realplayer installed into the OS 9 disk's system folder with the application in the OS 10.1 application folder. I have placed the realplayer-plugin into the internet plugin library for OS 10.1 (also in the internet plugin folder in my home directory). I have also tried to change IE 5's preference folder to recognize the new plugins without success.

I have tested the plugin with ABC news feeds, which state I still need the plugin. I am using the real player application by itself without problem.

Any Ideas on how to correct the problem? I would really like to have IE 5 use Realplayer files.

Hi - I'm no expert, but from what I have experienced and what I have heard, you have to run good old RealPlayer from Classic. I currently have it running from Classic and IE in OS X, and I notice audio hiccups every time I do something (open an application, window...). Maybe I should try IE in Classic, but that would feel like I'm giving up...

It's a drag, but I guess we will just have to wait for a OS X version or Windows Media for OS X. I wish there was a way QuickTime could play this stuff. This plug in issue is out of control!