Rebooting into 9.1 after a crash


Sometimes, after a crash, my computer will boot into 9.1 when I hit the rest button. Anyone else seeing this?

It bothers me because I have an APC Power Admin that I can use to remote reboot my box in case of a failure. I'd hate to remote reboot and end up in 9. :(

The rebooting into OS 9 happens to me, too.

I'm also been having problems with it rebooting and not booting back up at all. I'm forced to reinstall OS X. It will reboot fine for a little while and then not boot again.

Virus, corrupt hard drive,??? What tools should I use to try to fix this?

Hmm I am not sure what the cause of it is but it's annoying. I haven't had a crash since I reinstalled.. but.. I did put OS9 on its own partition.

We'll see how it goes.