Recent Mac buyers, read this!


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I just noticed on Apple's web site that they have an offer to get OS X free if you have a qualifying Macintosh. If it was purchased between 5/21/01 and 8/21/01 you are probably eligible. I assume this is because of the preinstalls that Apple's doing now, so customers won't feel that getting OS X is just luck of the draw.
Details here:
:( Don't I feel stupid...I ordered OSX when I bought my PBG4. Oh, well at least I only paid $70 in stead of $120 for it (educational discount). Maybe I can sell my extra copy.

This is only if you bought a computer after 5/21, arn't computers after this date supposed to come with OSX pre-installed?

I'm confused:confused:
I think they did it do make up for the Macs still in stores that don't have OS X preinstalled. I doubt they would recall all of their retailers' stock, and send them new stuff. The free upgrade offer seems like the smart way to go.
Yeah, I think some people will end up getting stiffed on the deal. It could be worse, though. You could have bought Web Objects the day before the price drop. I still wonder about those people...