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if you click the triangle inscribed in the circle on the left side of the itunes "info oval," it should change to that "equalizer" thing as you call it, although it's not an equalizer. it just shows the audio visually...

Hey! That firewall software looks exactly like what I was trying to write. I guess I can stop working now! What is it? Where is it?

Those look like lots of good tools. Gotta find 'em...

Hey, could you send me your Extras.rsrc file ? I just love the logo you with the one you replaced the Apple Menu one.

mail me at macosx at
does anybody know the name of the firewall software it looks very interesting.

also how do you get the text ad calandar to print on the desktop images?


FYI, the firewall software is BrickHouse (do a search on VersionTracker for it) written by Brian Hill. He has some other cool utils available that you folks should check out like xFiles, MacJanitor, and Pseudo. There is also another firewall utility available called FirewallX.

Intermapper (demo) can be gotten from

Desktop Console places the console messages onto the desktop and Desktop Calendar likewise. Search for them at in the OS X section.

Also, the theme is an early version someone else (credit goes to a StarfleetX) on the Mac NN forum is working on. I'll leave a copy in my public folder for a short while.... grab it via the web:
no, actually an equaliser IS a visual representation of audio. the directions are pretty confusing, so do it like this:

open up the itunes equaliser window then use either of these keys: Q, W, A, S, Z, X

it'll bring up three lines of words that describes the kinds of effects used in the equaliser. simple.

for more commands, just type ?.

hope this helps.
What is that IP filter configuration program that I see in picture two? That looks like precisely what I need.