Reconnecting to disconnected servers?


I've got a 9.1 mp3 server sharing with AppleShare IP, which I can connect to just fine from my Mac OS X machine. But if there's an unexpected disconnect (say, interruption of the network or the 9.1 machine crashes), I can almost never fully reconnect to the server. I can see it and login to it, but when all the drives are greyed out. This even happens if I unmount the drives (left over from the unexpected disconnect), although usually it won't let me unmount both (saying that one is in use, even if I quit all the programs that were accessing it and close all the windows and terminals that were in a directory on it). I'm unable to reconnect unless I reboot the X machine. This really sucks, since the whole point of X is that I don't want to ever have to reboot it.

Anyone seen this and/or know how to fix it.