Recording my spoken voice on my Mac



I want to make a recording of my spoken voice directly to a digital file. No picture, no music, no multiple tracks needed. Very simple.

What software do I use? It appears that I can accomplish this in iMovie, although I have not been able to. Is there a better Mac software?

What is the best microphone and/or the best way to hook up the mic? I have a piece of hardware that I think came with my G4 that has a usb connection and ports for both a standard mic and earphones. Is this all the hardware I need besides a mic? If so, is the usb port on my keyboard strong enough or do I need to attach it to the back of the computer? Do you suggest a different microphone set up?

Do you have Sound Studio? I have it in it's own sub-folder within the main Applications folder.

Not sure about which USB to use - try it and see!