Recording sound files from the microphone?


How do I record sound files in MacOS X ? (From the microphone to create aiff or wav files?)

I can find any utilities to do this. Is there any free third-party utility I can download? The ability to edit the start and end of a file would be good too (to remove pauses).

I did notice that iMovie could record from the Microphone, but I couldn't work out how to export these as sound files.


Lots of free stuff floating about.

Audacity (
Final Vinyl (

They'll save as AIFF by default (one or two other options)


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Any audio utility for Mac OS X should have no problem using the built-in mic to record audio, because they should all be operating via the Core Audio layer.

If you want to use something other than the built-in mic, for instance, an external line or external mic, you'll probably want to look into a cheap USB audio interface. These generally come with their own recording software (Pro Tools LE, Cubase LE, etc.).

Here are some examples from my favorite American online music equipment retailer: