Recover from incorrect restore



I need some assistance with a stupid mistake.
I was in the processes of transferring my data from an SATA to SSD hard drive.
Formatted the SSD as Extended Journaled like the original HD.
Booted into Recovery Mode and restored my HD to the SSD
....only did it the wrong way round and restored the empty SSD to the original HD.
Good idea to watch the Youtube tutorial before doing the task rather than while doing it.
Now I have 2 empty HD's and no time machine backup.
Is there a way to reverse the processes...if not, what's the best file recovery program to at lease get my data back MS Office documents and photos.

Thanks in advance
Thanks I recovered the data by attaching the HD to a PC and running.
I used Pandora when it was Diskdrill. Will give it another go in its new format.
But was hoping to reverse the format...but Im guessing like windows, it will not be possible.

There is no way to reverse the process but you can recover your Ms office files using Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac. It recovers up to 1GB of data for free and you can also buy the upgraded version (Professional or Premium) for unlimited lost data recovery.