Red Exclamation Point Over Hard Drive!?!?


Hello everybody!

I own a PowerMac G5 currently running Tiger. I tried to install Leopard the other night and when I was promted to choose the hard drive to install....I saw a red exclamation point over it.

I know I can backup my entire drive and install on a clean drive but is there any way around doing that? Can I go to utilities and try to repair somehow?

Also, I do have a second hard drive on the computer...

Any help is much appreciated! Thank You!:D


How much free space is on the target HD? It should have said some reason the installation couldn't continue on that same window that showed the red stop sign over the drive. Any ideas what it said, lack of disk space, improper disk format, etc..?


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You failed to mention if the Leopard install disc was a retail version (Black) or a grey install disc from another computer.