I know this is terribly frightening. I used FWB HDTK 4.0 and had the dp4 on it. The driver caused me problems as well. Some how I crashed os X and had to reboot. Man was that a horrible experience. I could not get the computer to boot period. I had to use my Linux PPC 2000 cd to even boot the computer. Naturally I had to format without backing up. Tha apple installer seems to pull off some tricks. It installs several drivers. A boot loader and a couple of others... What ever you do DO NOT update the driver for silverlining or fwb. That was mistake #2. It seized and I had to do the same thing. One would think apple would be a little more friendly toward 3rd party hard disk drivers..... This might help. My best bet was to format using Apple's HD Setup. This was rather pissing due to the fact I could not resize my partitions. BTW Intech Hard Disk tools is satanic. Do not use that software period. It took me over an hour to resize a partition, on a 6 gig drive.