Refugee from Macnn


I think that Macnn forums are probably the best on the web - hell we've had people form Apple themselves on that board. I found out everything about Mac OS X during the DP1-4 from tidbits and so on and it is always the first place I go after a big mac event.

Hopefully this new server when they get it running will allow them to will allow them to manage properly the huge load that they take. I think also a move from UBB to vBulletin would be a good idea, but this would have to be done smoothly ie no re-registering.
I think there's quite a few of us here, now. I'll be happy when they get it up and running, but I 'll probably stick around here, too.

MacNN refugee. I hope they sort it out, but I'm beginning to have my doubts. In any case this forum, while sucking badly (excuse me) in terms of layout and colour, is a lot faster.

Just miss the community feeling from MacNN though.
God, I hope its up soon, it would be a shame if their whiners all came over here & cloged up these boards. They can drop the signal to noise ratio faster than you can say "i want my rage pro drivers."
Even during the modset usability over at MacNN last week, I found it to have a different character altogether...

Nothing wrong with 2 sites, 2 takes, 2 sets of opinions...

Now come 10.2 time we may be wishing for a single point of conjecture - but that's another thing altogether. :)

UBB is a load, BTW. It can cripple a perfectly usable server unless you have full-time administation keeping everything in order... not the case from volunteer admin systems.

VBulletin is not without it's drawbacks, though - I'm sure it's come a long way since I first used it, but last I ran it, it ran WAY too many calls to the DB for what it was doing... that can choke a box just as easily as UBB's flats do.
I would also like to MacNN to come back soon! I have spent a lot of time there since Dp2 and Beyond. I definitely liked the sense of family at MacNN. All the little, and big, fights broken up by the mods. You have to laugh at some of those ppl. Ahhh family. I want my MacNN back... Not that MacOS X forums or not good, I come here to, just not as much.
The admin is working soo hard and you guy find this place to be the best place to discuss how ANOTHER forum is so much better, I like this forum, this is the ONLY forum i am a member of! i saw macnn and mac addict forums, and they stink with loosers daying to say "first post!" those forums are for kids! We have here some nice memebers worth of admiration who try to help out as much as they can! We are not many peopel here, but i enjoy this smaller comunity. and hope that all the puberty kids stay at macnn if they want; this forum is nice the way it is, and the layout of this forum is much nicer designed, i have no problem with the colours but then i wouldn't care about the colors anyway unless they were pink!
Well this board is far faster, but Macnn HAS had some VERY good people and threads... Apple folk and the like, (Sals AppleScript for one)

So far I have not seen any decent tread on this board. That said, If Macnn doesnt come back soon, some of those GOOD posters may show up over here.. Who knows?

My biggest problem with this board is it is but ugly. It Clashes so bad with OSX (Graphite) . I actualy loaded this forum in XP, and it fit in just perfect with there default theme!!

vBullettin seems to be very good, and this orange theme CAN (and should) be changed

Disclamer-IMHO. :p
I'm a sorta-refugee. I found this place a few weeks before the macnn forums went down. I like this place so I registered, and have posted only a few times here but visit daily. It's a nice place. Not as good as Macnn (but then again, nothing is) but it is better than any of the other forums out there right now (eww... can you say Bad Flamingo? yuck!) I don't mind how this place looks either and it's fairly well organized. Not a bad alternative to macnn and definately I'll still lurk here when the macnn boards get back up. :) It'll be nice to have the macnn boards up again, though! I still haven't a clue as to why Applework is un-useable in 10.1....!
I have visited macnn for news and read the the posts... I must say in the course of the last year macnn news and posters have declined. The news is unbelievable off and late sometimes inaccurate. The poster behave like children with nothing better to do. Some friends and I have been talking about a slashdot type news network for mac people but finding time and funds are hard.

I am very very grateful this board is here. I find extremely valuable information here and the people that use this board are more interested in real news, real help, real honest opinions instead of whining, BS, first post, all your base BS, and PC trolls.

to the people that make this board possible
I don't care if yo made the color scheme here pink and puke green the content is what makes it a place worth visiting. This is the only board I am register to. I have never found the need, desire or worth with any other until yours.

I sincerely hope that you are able to keep the losers that visit macnn boards away.

I no longer visit the macnn forums. The moderators I have encountered have been flat out rude. Is it really necessary to move a post made in the powerbook forum about ram for the powerbook? Give me a break. Maybe the people who frequent the macosx discussions are not as rude, but I will stick to being a!

I am personaly getting sick and tired of the MacNN Forums being slow, none responsive, and the search tool being useless.

I have mentioned time and time again, that they should move to vbulliten board. using a CGI board without a Database driven backend, is a bad idea on a large site. UBB uses flat files.

These forums are still young, and the community hasn't dveloped yet. AppleInsider had a good community.

I run a Mac site, and just switched to vBulliten board for the forums. The forums were run on UltraBoard before, but the development of UltraBoard ceased in June, and there site died.

My forums are still new just like these forums, and don't have very many posts.

The one good think about this place (@ least until I logged in today) was that it focused exclusively on Mac OS X.

Suggestion to the Admns. Make another theme that is not orange that people can select in there User Control Panel.

I just wish Apple Insider would come back........ I do have a forum for "Steve Jobs Keynotes" and "Apple Commercials" at my forums

oh dear, this post has turned into a post that says MacNN forums are gone )well Apple Insider forums are gone).