Regarding Sound on Beige G3's


Many people (including myself) have reported problems with sound in Beige G3's with DVD cards. As I thought the card may be at fault (perhaps being unsupported in the beta), a friend and I "borrowed" a sound card from a non-DVD G3 and installed it in place of the DVD decoder.

Although we fully expected the sound to work, it did not (except the startup chime, which is in ROM and doesn't really count). We concluded, then, that it is not the audio chips on these cards that are unsupported in the beta, but the slot itself (which is not PCI, but something different entirely).

So, the slot is the cause of the lack of sound, not the card(s). If anyone out there knows how one would go about initializing it (if it can be done), that would be really nice...otherwise we'll just have to wait for Apple to get around to it...

-Jonathan :)