Registration page is Half Blank


After i installed OS X, for the second time (the first time i had no problems), at the registraition window, when that aqua movie and music starts playing, the window that tells you to select your country: The left side of the window continues to play the aqua movie as normal, but the right side of the window is half way blanked out, i can choose my country (USA of course) but the right side of the window is blue, blank, so i cant choose the continue button. I cant get passed this! Help! I just need to know how to get passed the whole registration process in whole. If i try to command+Q, i get a message asking if i want to continue the registration or shutdown. What keys should i hold down at startup to get passed this? Also, since this is OS X.1, why does it say at the installation that i need to have OS 9.1 installed, when it is installed. When i first installed it for the first time, it said that i needed OS 9.2. I uninstalled it cause the NetInfoManager would not allow me to authenticate the root user. So now that i found out how to authenticate it using the terminal, and also how to use my Verizon DSL with the PPPoE, im trying to install it to use it. Thanks in advance for the help.