Reinstall OSX? How?



I have a G3 233 (now 266 because of a motherboard replacement). 288mb ram, 13 gig hard drive.

I installed OS X on this machine once before and removed it by erasing its partition. However, I now want to reinstall OS X and it won't seem to cooperate fully.

I have installed OS X into it's partiton. However, it will not boot. So, I went into the OS9 partition and tried to delete all OS X associated files and again wiped the OS X partition. Another install and it still did not work. On both reinstalls, the System disk control panel is on the OS X partition, but it has a generic white icon and will not open when clicked. The one on the OS X cd will work, but again, it will not boot into OS X anyway.

On the install, I am never asked for a password as with the original install. Where is this information stored? How do I make my computer think that OS X was never installed?

OS X runs fine on my powerbook and it ran on this machine before.
I had exactly the same problem on my G4/500 MP. I tried a couple of times to get it to work and was just about ready to start imaging the HD and prepare for a rebuild when I thought I'd try one, last ditch thing to get it work properly.

I used File Buddy (I'm sure other tools would do this as well, this is just one I had) to root around through my drive and make sure that every file and directory that was a part of Mac OSX was removed. I dug around for all of the invisible files that were left behind in all sorts of places on the drive. I made sure that all of the files scattered in the System Folder and the like were also gone.

Once I had finished all of this, I ran another install of 9.0.4 from the original CD's, then ran software update to get everything in synch and stabilized in the 9.0.4 environment.

I would not recommend this approach if you are not extremely familiar with all of the files in MacOS 9, what they do, and which ones should stay or can be removed in the course of this effort. If you delete the wrong files, you'll make a mess of your machine far worse than a problem with booting in OSX.

I then went forward with the installation of OS X and everything worked the way it did at the beginning. I got the ID and password set up screen during the installation cycle which I did not the last time. As of this point, everything is working properly in either OS9 or OSX modes. I did have to create an extension set in my OS9 space that disabled some extensions that control things like my CD Reader (USB) and scanner (SCSI). prior to making that extension manager change, the Classic startup would die while loading extensions. Once I cleaned up the extension set, it works just fine.
What I ended up doing to fix this....

I knew that OS9 had to be installed on the first partiton... what I did not know what that OSX has to be on the second partiton. I have my drive partitioned in six partitions and I just luckily installed OSX on the second partition the first time I installed. On the second install, I used a different partiton.

So, I determined which partition was second... installed there... and no problems at all. Easy as that.

Just open Disk First Aid. It will list your partitions in order. Install OSX on the second one listed.