Reinstalling Virtual Pc


I have an imac G5 running 10.3.9. My Fat 32 file became corrupted and the easiest thing to do was to uninstall and reinstall virtual PC version 7. when I try to reinstall it puts me into a loop. the install runs perfectly through the restart. the install windows box does not appear and thus cannot continue on with the second part of the installation. the icon in the upper left portion of the screen remains and I can repeat the first over again. I know the disk is good because I tested it on another Mac same model same OS. I uninstalled all my defensive programs. That did not work. I have spoken to Microsoft technical support . I have also spoken to several people at the store where I bought this machine. the Mac side works as well as ever except when it comes to installing virtual PC. I have also spent several hours searching the internet. Judging from what I have found this seems to be an unusual problem. Also as a note when I tried reinstalling all programs were shut down. I have run first aid and been in contact with apple. I was told that disk warrior would not run on 10.3.9 thus I did not buy or run it. I have also spoken with apple. I have owned my Mac app. six months.