Remembering When?


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I ask this to all the "grey beards" here, what was the reaction of folks back when Apple made processor changes before? Was there this the "sky is falling" kind of hysteria or what? The same for the switch to OS-X from 9 which I imagine generated alot of noise to!Even for the short time I've been using a mac I realize that event was probably more traumatic than what is about to occur.

I most clearly remember the switch from the 68030-->68040, and 68040-->PPC (G1)...

And I most certainly do NOT have a grey beard.

Sheesh! Kids today! You think history is anything more than 15 minutes ago!

But to answer your question, there is at any given moment at time some level of hesteria on one topic or another coming from 5%-15% of the Mac loving polutation.

Apple is an amazing company. As a user I had no clue that anything significant had even changed. I just know that our Quadra was WAY better than the Mac Plus it replaced, and my 7200 was (in almost all ways) better than the Quadra.
Well, I wasn't really in touch with the Mac community when they made the PPC switch (I didn't go online much until a few years later), but I remember from some magazines that some people were very upset with the move, because the early generation of PPC systems were SLOWER than the 68k systems they replaced (mostly due to the fact that just about everything ran in emulation; we'll be facing that problem again with the move to Intel).

I remember the 9-X switch perfectly well, though. I hated everything about OS X. I can't count the hours I spent ranting about the abomination that was (and is) the Dock. To be honest, I'm still horribly disappointed with OS X, but I've come to sort of accept its flaws. It's the best OS there is, don't get me wrong, but it sure ain't good. For their time, System 7 and OS 8(.6) were really good. They had a consistent design philosophy, common sense, and attention to detail behind them, which OS X is sorely lacking. As far as philosophy goes, I think the Mac died with the birth of OS X. It took the Mac into a completely new direction. Really, the only thing I like better about OS X than OS 9 is the evolutionary stuff — preemptive multitasking, protected memory, etc. Everything that's really different (design wise) was better before, IMHO. I'd STILL like to smack whoever got the idea to make translucent menus with dynamic shadows. HARD.

And just for the record, my beard is a nice shade of auburn (see avatar)
I refer to the term of "grey beards" with the utmost respect for anyone who has the experience of being there from the start.It's just a way to compliment you on your wisdom.Now I'll probably catch hell from the women.:(
I remember. And I'm only 22 right now. Anyway... no, although we were unimpressed because the system had not begun to be re-written in PPC native code, we all knew that it was going somewhere. And we all thought it was okay that, even though IBM was involved, at least it was a collaboration between Apple, Motorola, and IBM. IBM wasn't chip or OS competition.

We're all freaking out because.... Intel was the competition. Now it's not.

I thought the decision to switch to Intel was a little.... hrm... weird. It's going to require another complete round of OS compiling and application re-optimization. There better be a payoff after this process is complete.