reminder of terminal colors


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open a terminal

type set color

press tab

type ls-F (no space)

It's better looking (and more useful) with a black background. You can customize the colors by setting LS_COLORS (see man tcsh)

ls-F doesn't use ls, I think it's an internal macro. OS X's ls doesn't support colors, but it's just as well because they screw up piping ls commands, so the tcsh macro is better to use.

I put set color and alias ls ls-F in my .tcshrc file and have no problems.


Search for "better file utils" on this forum and you will find my post on getting the new version of ls, df, etc. It has support for color and works with the options (- a, -l, etc) and piping.


will this command work the same in Zsh?
and which file will I find the color settings in, since there's two of em'??

also, Why would they have Zsh and not Bash as well?????

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because zsh does behave like Bourne shell when invoked as /bin/sh, whereas bash does not?

And maybe because bash is a huge monster, even when dynamically linked, and one does not want to exec that on every system(3) call?

(for the background info, there is enormous amount of incompatible .sh scripts originating from Linux where people used bash-isms in the situation where they were not supposed to work, i.e. in #!/bin/sh scripts; this is most annoying; also, bash-dynamic is about 10 times the size of ash/static)