Remote Access won't work when i restart in 9.1


I installed OS X, perhaps stupidly without partitioning beforehand, but anyhow, when i restart in OS 9.1, I try to sign on thru remote access, and it giuves me an error message that the "Finder has unexpectedly quit...etc."
and when I go into remote access, it crashes whenever I change something, I would like to know if there is another program i can use off or something so I can bypass remote access. MY modem works fine, I can log on thru OS X perfectly. I clean re-installed the System folder, moved all my prefs and control panels/extensions, but didn't toucht the new remote access and pretty mucha nything else that pretained to remote access. thanks
Well, I sorta had a similar type problem. It had to do with my disabling of several extensions.

Since it's probably an extensions conflict, here's what I'd suggest doing:
Select the OS 9.1 All set from extensions manager. Restart and see if you can open Remote Access and connect, make changes, etc. If so, figure out what's different between 9.1 All and the extensions set that you use. This could take a while, but try enabling one extension at a time until the problem reappears. Then you'll know which extension is causing it, and you can remove it all.

If Remote Access doesn't work when you have 9.1 All enabled, try another clean reinstall of 9.1. But this time, don't move anything over to it. See if it works then.

BTW, you might as well backup all your stuff if you can and partition your hard drive. I've found that when all the necessary components for Classic are installed, Classic works fine, but native OS 9.1 can get some real problems.