Remote login and telnet problems


Hey everyone. This is my first post here. Maybe someone can help me with a little problem I'm having here with getting remote login working.

First of all, a little about my UNIX backgroung... there isn't any :D so you'll need to give me a little bit of hand-holding.

Here in my dorm room I was fortunate enough to get as roommates 2 mac users all running OS X. We've been trying to get remote login to work in case one machine locks up (GUI Panic) or a kernel panic occurs.

Also, I'd like to be able to do stuff while I'm away from my computer.

Anyway... I checked on Allow Remote Login in the sharing preference panel, yet I am unable to telnet into my computer from another computer....

Enlighten me, mac os x geniuses!



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The "allow remote login" thing only allows SSH, not telnet. You should not be using telnet anyway.

Turn on the "allow remote login" shiny button and try <tt>ssh -l [username] [host]</tt>. It should work even with the default SSH that comes with 10.0.4.

You can replace the stock ssh services with OpenSSH to fix some bugs, plus you'll feel better knowing you're using a good product ;-) The script below will automate the downloading, compiling and installing of tcpwrappers, OpenSSL and OpenSSH:
<a href=""></a> []


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Originally posted by wyvern has a very nice install guide (it also installs tcpwrappers and sshlib, 2 nice things to have). It installs OpenSSH2.9p2, the latest version. This fixes the problem that some ppl had of "bad packet length" errors.

The <tt></tt> script at is the same thing, just rolled together into one script.