Remote login


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Ok, When I'm at work and not doing anything is there a way I can access my mp3's and change the tags?
I figured how to turn on remote telnet login, but how do I open directories when the directories have spaces in them?
and then after that, how can I change the tags on a mac using 9.1 (nifty telnet) with out downloading anyfiles off that computer? We have restricted network usage here, and I have alot of mp3's to tag. if you can answer any parts of this question that would be awesome! thanks

Thanks alot dude!
that helps alot, but does telnet have to be on to use ssh?
And is there some command what I can use to copy an mp3 file from my computer in my dorm to the other computer across campus? The other computer will either be mac or PC. Some form of sz, or rz? Then, once the ID3 MP3 Tags are changed, I could copy it back replacing the one I just got off of my computer in my dorm.
descent! get and put, commands I needed to know. I got sz and rz from they are supposed to send the file and recieve it using something called zmodem? I dunno, but thanks for the tips, I'll try it next time I go to work!

You should prefer scp to ftp. Running ftpd on your mac is a gaping security hole. Scp (secure copy) uses the ssh daemon for file transfer. Any decent ssh client should also have scp.