remote mac administration


Hi Folks,

I was looking into remotely administrating my iMac that I have setup to run OS X via my TiBook while I spend a year studying in Japan. The imac will be sitting in my mom's basement, and I thought it would be cool to set it up for web sharing and upload pics/QT vids of my overseas adventures. Since there's no manual with OSX I'm bumbling through these things, and just discovered that OSX can run not only the web sharing but also has built in FTP and Telnet that you can turn on via the Sharing control panel. I'm thinking these are the answer to my remote management problems. Am I safe to assume that by logging in via telnet with my admin account that I could largely perform all the functions I could were I sitting at my now rather anemic iMac? In the past I have fooled around with MacX, just logging in and playing around with the clock app and checking it out on the university's Sun array. Would something like that be remotely possible with the OSX stuff out today?

I really appreciate any input on my thoughts, I'd like to get my hands dirty with X (in fact that's why I ended up with the TiBook vs a Pismo or iBook 500. I wanted the OSX speed).


I have a linux server with about 70 websites on it that I maintain and work off of. I haven't seen the box in about 8 months.
So the anser is, yes.
With Telnet and FTP you can control your entire machine remotely.
Note, if you select 'Allow remote login' in the Sharing control panel, you'll want to use ssh instead of telnet, as of 10.0.1. It should be just as easy going from your TiPB to the iMac as telnet, just 'ssh my.imac.address' if the username is the same on both machines, 'ssh -l destuser my.imac.address' if you have destuser as the username on the iMac.
Yeah, webmin's pretty cool. So is VNC which is like Timbuktu in that it allows you to control the computer's mouse and keyboard and see their screen. It's bandwidth-intensive at times, though.

I just heard that sub7 for the Mac has been released (sub7 is either a trojan/virus or an admin tool, depending on how you use it), but I don't know if it's OS X or 9.