Remote Power-On = Wake on LAN?


Mentos! The Freshmaker!
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find a clear-cut answer to something I'm trying to put together on my campus.

I'm looking to deploy updates, but the problem is that nobody leaves their computers on when I need to deploy updates; they're shut down, not put to sleep.

I do have ARD 2.2 admin installed on my end and ARD clients active on my client computers, but the only problem is that when I read the ARD 2.2 manual, it supports Wake-On-LAN for sleeping computers, but I don't see anything about remotely powering on the computers when they have been shut down. Do any utilities or such exist for either the Mac or Windows that will allow Macs to remotely power on after being shut down? :confused:

Thanks! :)

I don't believe a remote power on is possible after a full shutdown, I think Wake on Lan is only for computers taht are hibrenating or sleeping