Remounting Volumes Via Unix In Mac Os 10.2


Hi. I’m running a G4 Powerbook with an 867 MHz chip, 768 MB RAM, and OS 10.2.8 which I use almost exclusively for work. I’ve got 21 GB available on a 40 GB hard drive. To make a long story short – I need to remount all my files because they no longer show up on the desktop. I know they’re there, because I can use the UNIX command “locate” to find them. What I need is a straightforward method of getting my computer to recognize them so they reappear on the Desktop and I can access them again. I’ve looked at several Mac OS X resources online, but none of them take the step-by-step “lead me by the nose” approach I need; most appear to assume a basic level of UNIX knowledge I don’t have.

Any insights would be very much appreciated. Thanks much,