Remove Login Screen/reformat An Ibook



I recently purchased a used white/gray iBook from a thrift store.

When starting up the Mac i get a Mac OS 9 login screen from the previous owner.

How do i remove the old user and put my name in there?

I've even tried to reformat the iBook but it won't boot from the CD when i hold down the C key.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance.
Turn ON the iBook with the 'T' key pressed. In a little while does the Firewire icon appear? If so, visit someone or store with a Mac.

Once there:
Connect the two Macs with a Firewire cable.
Turn ON the iBook with the 'T' pressed and wait for the Firewire icon to appear.
Turn ON the other Mac and see if the iBook appears as a volume on its 'Desktop'.
If so, insert your CD into the other Mac.
See if you can do a clean install, from the CD, onto your iBook.