Removing 10.0.3 system folder from OS9 partition


Hello Everyone,

I upgraded by 500 mghz iBook to 10.1 this past weekend (yay!). When I did, I did a re-install of everything so I could partition my 20gig drive. I created 3 partitions, MacOSX, MacOS9, and Swap using the disk utility on the 10.0.3 CD. I loaded that onto the MacOSX partition. Then I used the 4 software restore CD's to load 9 onto MacOS9.

But afterwards, I looked at the MacOS9 partition and I noticed that there is a system folder for 10.0.3, an applications folder (os x apps), the library file for os x, and the users folder for os x. I deleted the applicatios and users folders already. My question is can I delete the 10.0.3 system folder?? The library folder??