Removing duplicate files


One of the things that always bugs me when I go searching for something in spotlight, is all the places I find I have saved a particular file.
For example, I may have Tuckerdogsresume.pdf and it's under /samples, /resumes, /tuckersresume/new/tuckerdogresume.... you get the drift.

Plus, I'll find that the pdf will, for example, appear in a computer/library/mail/imapmailbox/inbox.mailboxname/attachments/numbers/number/tuckerdogresume.pdf.

The questions are:
1. Can I safely just delete any of these and just keep one where I like the one?
2. Are these actual duplicates that take up space or just referred to like the final example?

There seem to be tons of these. I just ran into a particular file where I have it "saved' 15 different places. Can't I just delete them all but one?


As long as the files do not belong to the system, delete away.

Try 'EasyFind' to find the files, and compare their size, so you get alias instead of original.


Yes, they are all just docs, pdfs, images...but it's very weird with images... iPhoto is very squirrelly it seems about Library, Facebook and Albums. I've repeatedly removed photos in albums and triplicates show up. I've removed from albums and suddenly they vanish from the Library and I have to pull out of the trash. I've put photos in iPhoto only for them to "disappear." And Facebook...OMG....that thing where you're using the app and you get the "deleting this album" okay? "deleting this album" okay? NO, it isn't okay!

I've been practicing on some docs that I don't care about anymore re: the deleting, just to "see" if where I think there is still a copy, there is one (for example, deleting from a mailbox and keeping it on the hard drive under a special folder.

Probably should use "alias" more often rather than duplicating the file over and over...that would make more sense. But you know how that is, sometimes you make copies on the fly, or decide to save somewhere on the harddrive then the next thing you know, five of the same files.


hello everybody,

Deleting duplicate files manually could be a real solution to remove Mac duplicate files, however it be very hard in case of existing duplicate data to different volumes. I use a program that finds and remove all duplicate data from my system easily. you can also try it.

Good day