Removing OS9 Support from OSX?


I recently installed support for OS9 to my Powerbook to relive the Prince Of Persia glory days. But it's just as frustrating as it used to be, so I'm not going to pursue it anymore. How do I remove the support files for OS9 and free up that space again?

Running OSX Tiger 10.4.1


What exactly do you mean, by OS 9 support files?

I would just delete the OS 9 system folder (you can look up where it resides in the System panel 'Classic'), it should remove the classic support, without damaging the OS X


I tried deleting the OS 9 system folder first, but I get a message saying those files are needed by the system. Maybe if I start it up in safe mode? I recently switched from a PC, so I don't really know my way around the system yet...


I had this problem as well, and it's actually quite easy to fix!

Step 1: Reboot Computer
Step 2: Open Hard Drive, Navigate to the OS 9 System Folder, and Delete Everything in the Folder! Then you may know delete the OS 9 Folder!
Step 3: Delete the Applications(OS 9) Folder
Step 4: Open System Preferences, and Click on Classic
Step 5: It should search and releaize that Classic is not installed on the system, and it's GONE!!

Hope this helps!