Removing Windows Media Player From Winxp



In my LAN network i want to disable windows media player completely.NO in my LAN should use media player.Can u tell me the easiest way so that i can remove the player.

um. strictly speaking, this is a mac support site, for apple macs.

someone may be able to help you, but this is technically the wrong place to come.
Definately the wrong place, this is a Mac based website after all :cool:

Anyway go to Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel, then click Add/Remove Windows components, and I'm sure you can figure out the rest.
Block the port for Windows media Player;


UDP port 1024 - 5000

UDP and TCP port 1755

UDP/IP streaming

TCP port 1755

UDP port 1755
Masamune said:
Oh my goosh you people are windows geniuses also :O
Computer support heaven *dies*

Most Mac techs tend to famliarize themselves with everything that's out there, but prefer Macs (I, on the other hand, prefer both Mac OS X and Linux :D).

I've known very few techs that prefer Windows to know anything BUT Windows. Some only use it because they have to (which means teither hey are "shackled" to MS even though the options are there or it's a work-based other words, not by their choosing). But there are those who prefer it...who knows why. Different strokes for different folks I guess... :p
Actually, I've met quite a _few_ techs who don't know anything but Windows. They know a LOT of stuff about computers in general, a LOT of stuff about Windows and networking Windows, but nothing about linux or UNIX or Mac OS X. I guess it's like that because they make their money on Windows. Their hobbies include things like fishing. (Not phishing, fishing.) ;)