Rename the Trash!


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Another (stupid) hack.
I think the name "Trash" is, well, incorrect for a icon that looks like a wastebasket (but you can name it whatever you wish). It's pretty easy, too. Just follow these steps.

1. Go to /System/Library/CoreServices/ (in the GUI) and control-click on the file named "Dock". Select "Show Package Contents" from the menu that appears. It will open a new window that contains the package contents.

2. In the new window, navigate to /Contents/Resorces/YOUR LANGUAGE/ (replacing YOUR LANGUAGE with your language) and open "InfoPlist.strings" in TextEdit. It will display text that says

TrashName = "Trash";

Just change "Trash" to whatever you want the Trash to be calledwhen you move your mouse over th icon in the Dock. Save!

3. Close the TextEdit window and open "DockMenus.plist" in TextEdit. Scroll down almost to the bottom and you will see the text:

<string>Empty Trash</string>

Change the bit "Empty Trash" to whatever you want to see when you control-click on the Trash. Close all the (savin your changes) and your done! I AM KING!

One last thing: does anybody know how to change the menu item "Empty Trash..." in the Finder to "Empty Wastebasket..."? Thanks in advance!
Sorry, the XML tags in one of the documents got messed up...

it really says this:

< key>command< /key>
< integer>1001< /integer>
< key>name< /key>
< string>Empty Trash< /string>

note: I inserted spaces after in the tags to hopefuly break them...

instead of this:

Empty Trash

I hope it doesn't happen again...
I think the menu stuff is in the Localized.rsrc file, but it's not a simple key/value pair file or XML file, so I'm hesitant to edit it.

You said it was in Localized.rsrc, but so many applications have that file that I could never find which one you are talking about. The Dock doesn't have that file so I checked the Finder, but that seems to be what makes up the Finder Prefrences window. Where is it?
You want the Localized.rsrc file in whatever application you want to modify. Just about every program (from Apple anyway) has localized info like that. Unfortunately, it's not a simple file to edit, and I haven't figured out just what the format is.