Rendezvous (.exe) Windows Web Developing


I have an old PC running on my network, no router just a hub. The PC\'s job is to test our websites on various IE-browsers. In the OSX 10.3.9 environment I have setup virtual hosting with Listen 9000, 9010, etc enabled. Mod-rendezvous is enabled with the RegisterResource pointing to 9000, 9010, etc. This works brilliantly and performs exactly what rendezvous should do.

The PC has rendezvous installed and one click in IE lists the various staging sites I created. Soo far soo good.

Our webdesign is handcoded and we only use absolute URL\'s, the developing stites have the extention .dev. Once the sites are ready to be uploaded it is only a matter of find and replace from .dev to .com and we are done.

You guessed it. How can we test these sites in the PC environment with absolute URL\'s? As the PC doesn\'t recognise the .dev extention. Do they need to point to an ID address?

Unless there is an easy way of changing from relative to abslute URL\'s could anyone shine some light in this matter?