Repeatable Crash in OS X


I'm still trying to see if I can get the exact key sequence to reproduce this one but here's what's happened and has recurred about 7 times this afternoon.

I have Classic environment set to load at the startup of OS X. One of the startup applications I have is AOL Instant Messenger. If I let AIM launch and log into the service, within less than 5 minutes, I will get a kernel level crash of the whole OS.

I removed it from the startup folder and let classic load and all seemed stable. I then launched AIM and logged in and again within just a few minutes, hard crash fo the OS. I didn't write down the text of the message, but I essentially get a command type type in text format, overlayed on the screen from the top left. It ends with an option to Continue (press 'C') or Reboot (press 'R'). I haven't tried to see what happens if I continue, but don't anticipate that it would be terribly good.

I''ve rebooted now into OS X without AIM running and so far everything is cool.


kernel chras may be caused by your dimms
(if you havve 2 or more different ram dimms in your mac)
i still haven´t found a site whit information wich combinatopn works well and wich not but yust try to leave one dimm in your mac and there should not be any kernel panics


I'm really starting to think that it's truly a software thing since I haven't run AIM since making the post and everyting has run totally smooth. I've launched all sorts of other Classic apps including things like PhotoShop, all of Office 2001 and a number of others with no problem at all.

I have seen a number of the posts about RAM related problems so I ran the diagnostics from the CD and everything came up totally clean. I've got 1GB of all 2-2-2 PC100 RAM in the machine and it all comes up clean. OSX acknowledges all of the RAM in the machine. I had installed the firmware update on Friday prior to doing the OSX upgrade without incident. I also have had no problems at all with any of these applications running in OS 9.1 mode at all.

I'm looking to see if I have an older version of AIM install around to see if I can map it to just the current version I'm running or if it occurs on any version. It just runs too smoothly without that app and is so easily reproducable to not be some sort of relationship there. I'll also go back and remove all of the components of AIM and perform a new clean install of it to see if I might have a remnant of an older release that might be causing this as well.

I don't have any trouble when using Fire, the über-messenger from <a href=>Epicware<a>

It supports AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber all in one application...

You should give it a whirl if it is indeed a software problem (or if you just want an all in one solution)


Unfortunately, AOL has recently decided to not let users connect with "unauthorized clients," so Fire doesn't really do AIM very well anymore (you get booted every 5 minutes or so). Still, it's a good app for ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger, and Eric Peyton (the creator of Fire) is working on a fix, although no date is really given.