Repeated failure to boot, sluggish opening of email files and other wierdness


G5 dualie 2 gigahertz, 4 gig ram OS 10.5.8. I have done all possible disc maintenance via disc utility but I haven't reinstalled the OS.

Many times a day instead of the normal snappy, for me anyway, behavior it's replaced buy the circling dashes for maybe 20 seconds, I haven't timed it. Twice today the dashes spin till the apple becomes a circle w/a slash thru it. On second reboot is boots normally as far as I can tell. This has been going on for a few weeks and seems to be worsening. I get on line alot but only have a modem and a router between me and trouble.

Is it possible that someone wrote a virus for an os this old? Just checking... I doubt someone would go to all the trouble.

So is there something I should do besides maybe reinstall the OS? Thanks for listening.

Sometimes it is a corrupt file that can cause the kernel panic. Sometimes it is a bad sector on the hard drive that prevents the system from reading an important file. Sometimes it is an app/program that causes it.

First, think back - have you installed something just before this started? Did you download a file? Did you boot the computer with the Disk Utility disk to check over the entire drive?

Second, and this is important, back up your important files. If you don't have a recent back up, do it now while you have a chance. You may need to do a re-install.