Replace apps' OS 9 icons with OS X icons


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I noticed that my Internet Explorer icons (such as those for interim downloaded files) are the old 32x32 icons instead of the nice 128x128 icons that are part of IE 5.1.

First, can anyone confirm that their IE 5.1 document icons have the appropriate high-res icons?

Second, does anyone know of a way to force OS X to sort of re-cache an application's icons? Kinda like the way we used to rebuild the desktop in pre-X days?

BTW, IE 5.1 is the only IE on my hard drive now.

You can get an icon set from that has replacement icons for IE's docs. Just rename them to the names used by IE and replace the files inside of it. Choose Show Package Contents from the context menu to get to the .icns files used by IE.

Hope this is understandable. Most apps use .icns files and can be changed by simply replacing those.
Oh, well, my IE 5.1 has the appropriate icons in its package, but it appears that OS X has cached the old icons, presumably from way back when I first installed OS 9 and then OS X.

Thanks for the tip. What country is cx?

Apple says there isn't a "Desktop" to rebuild in OS X, but that it <em>does</em> keep an internal database of where apps are. By default, all apps in /Applications it knows about. If you run an app from another location it learns of that too. It is this database I'm interested in rebuilding, but I've sure never heard of a way to do it.

BTW, does anyone else have intermittent problems with the Finder displaying generic application icons instead of the application's own icons?

I may be wrong but I think that the pre-binding operation rebuilds the database your talking about. Look for x optimize on versiontracker and see if that works. It does the same thing that the optimization step in the updates does but it might do what your talking about. You can also set it to use more of your ram which speeds up the system if you have a decent amount of ram.

You can also try using the Classic panel in System Preferences and rebuild Classic's desktop which has been known to repair the generic icons in X thing.

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