replace CDRom drive in iMac


I have an original bondi iMac - G3 233MHz, 512 cache, 32MB RAM, 4GB HD, 24x CDRom reader and modem.

My issue: The CDR has stopped recognizing inserted disks. Dusting off the lens doesn't help.

My question: I found a "no video but all else good" iMac for sale on ebay. It's lime green, so obviously newer than my bondi. Can I use the CDR from it to replace the one in my bondi iMac?

Thanks in advance for the help.

If the iMac you're looking at is tray loading (which I believe the Bondi is) then it should be ok to use.... It will probably have some more memory in it too, as long as it's not too new (the older iMacs use laptop sized memory, while the newer ones use standard RAM sticks) Check with the seller to see before you buy though, as I'm not too up to date on my iMac revs.
Try looking in for a used iMac. They can be found for around $50 in most cities. Cheaper than paying to transport a computer across country. Don't pay more than $50 for a 233.

Plus you can upgrade to a faster model for next to nothing. I just got a 333 for $30.

Any CDR from the 233 to the 333 will work.