replaced reed switch, problem bigger.


i recently replaced the reed switch since the back light wasn't kicking in on my ibook g3 800mhz.

now, after installing the new reed swich, the back light doesn't kick in, nor does a faint background (which used it used to do). external monitor does not work, but external firewire HD works (power+T). i also rechecked all the cables and everything, still doesn't work.

is there something i am overlooking? tried to do a PMU reset, but it boots as normal. any other reset ways? also, how can i use the ibook without the monitor?
It sounds like a hardware problem with the video, but I am not sure. The other resets you can do are NVRAM and PRAM. If you can't see anything, you can't do NVRAM, right? Or maybe you can. Just fly blind and do it.
Hold Command-Option-O-F as you start up. After a minute, it should be up. (It is a command line environment in ROM, before the OS is loaded.)
Type: reset-nvram <return>
Type: reset-all <return>
It should restart.
You can also reset the PRAM:
Hold Command-Option-P-R as you start up. Wait for a second startup chime. Let go. It will continue to start up.
If that does not work, I would suspect a video hardware problem.
*sigh* i attempted both resets, didn't work.

before it went "out", it didn't go thru any of the logic board symptoms. i only replaced the reedswitch because it had a broken cable, hence reed switch wasn't working properly.

any other suggestions greatly appreciated.