replaced server power supply and can't get PCs to reconnect--HELP!


Well, not EMERGENCY but URGENT. (Everybody can work crossplatform apps for a short painful time...) I work at a place with a 3yr old panther server w/mostly Macs. Had to replace power supply due to stubborn reboot loop a couple days ago. Macs back on line. However, having terrible permission probs getting two critical PCs (in dept) to recognize already mapped server drive.
The repetitive NT message during connection is always "the account is not authorized to login frpm this station."
Remapping to exact address is futile.
Existing PC Admin/User login and passwords are futile.
I've tried a handful of what I thought were sensible things (probably 6 hours total in 48 hrs) to no avail.
Would appreciate ballpark guidance.
Reply here or 928-523-1637

Been crossplatform and mac-heavy my whoe working career (graphic arts/high-end commercial litho) so not solving this yet has its embarassments becuase I have a feeling this is an easy fix.................Brent

Double click on My Computer
Double click on Control Panel
Double click on Administrative Tools
Select Local Security Policy
Select Local Policy
Select Security Options
FindSend Unencrypted Password to Connect to 3rd Party SMB Servers
Right click on Send Unencrypted Password to Connect to 3rd Party SMB Servers
Select Security
Select Enabled
Click OK
Close all open windows
Restart your computer.