Replacement CDROM for Clam iBook?


Since the original, non-firewire clamshell iBooks are almost worthless without a CDROM drive, I am getting ready to disassemble mine and replace its' bad optical drive.

I need to get a replacement optical drive first though. The original equipment is a Matshita CR-175 CDROM drive. Since I plan on going through the painful disassembly process of the Clamshell iBook, I'd like to only have to do it once. Therefore, if I cannot find a CR-175 CDROM drive, does anyone know its' dimensions (LxWxH)? Knowing the dimensions, I can perhaps look at other Apple drives that might fit the iBook. If anyone has any experience replacing the drive and know any specific model drives that would fit AND work in the iBook G3/300 Rev B (Clamshell), I'd really appreciate the info. A nice place to find such a drive would also be good (other than ebay).
'... does anyone know its' dimensions (LxWxH)? ...' - yes, here (found via 'Google').
Remember, mm / 25.4 = inches.

One vendor noted in the above search: 'welovemacs'.
Then there is 'Froogle', 'Pricegrabber', and 'Yahoo!' to name but a few.

Also, because of the effort you will take to access the CD-ROM drive, consider replacing the 6GB hard disk drive while in there.

Here is how to disassemble the iBook.
MK3211MAT specs.
Remember, inches x 25.4 = mm.