Replacing My 2006 Mp

Paul C

Right, I've had enough messing around with this MP to get it working with newer versions os OS X and having no boot screen, basically I'm after a new (second hand) mac but unsure which to do for, I've just got a new GoPro Hero 4 and my MP struggles with 1080p @ 60fps so need something that can cope with that and doesn't take an age to convert/export, I'm no expert editing expert but do like to dabble with GoPro Studio and sometimes simple projects in FCP X.

What would you guys recommend on a budget of about £500-600? I've seen some 2010 MP 5,1's or 2014 2.6 i5 Mac Mini's for that price, the iMac's are still expensive though as a late 2012 27" 3.2 i5 are going for £700+ still here in the UK.