Resetting Software Update?


I guess this is the place for this question. I recently upgraded to OS X and followed the upgrades via Software Update through 10.0.3. Now, every time I click the "update" button, while online, I get the search bar pulsing and then it says that my software is now up to date. I've done this several times and have been unable to get the latest upgrade on IE 5.1.1. Is there a way to reset or "unstick" Software Update?


Check out your /Library/Receipts folder. If there's an IE package there, delete it.

It is possible that you've already done this and just don't realize it. They got the numbers a bit messed up.

If you choose "About Internet Explorer" from the Explorer menu you might see this "5.1b1 (3408)"... However if you do Get Info on the application in the Finder it will insist that you are actually running "5.1.1".

This confused the heck out of me at first, but I'm guessing that this is in fact 5.1.1 that I am running.

If that is what you have then you've alread got the update!