Resharing Nfs


I want to reshare a NFS-Share from a foreign NAS-Device over AFP with MaxOSX.
I have the Tiger OS X 10.4. I'm trying to mount to a Netapp-NAS-Machine over NFS with the workgroup manager. I can mount and reshare it over AFP. Apple Clients are able to mount to the share Point. The Clients can create Folders in the root point. But when they put Folder and Subfolder into the root they get permission denied and the subfolder was not created.
I tried to change permissions in the root folder (chmod 7777 foldername) but no change.

May be you can help me.

Netapp does not Support AFP they have a white paper on that explains the only support they have is SMB and CIFS anything else is just pure luck if it works. Goto and search for OSX you will find what you need there I believe, the only issue I found is with spotlight, NFS works but its not supported by Netapp on Apples at least thats what I was told.