resizing numerous photos at once


i have about 200 pictures i just took on my digital camera. they are very high resolution straight from the camera. i was wondering if there was an application out there that will resize all of my pictures at once so a smaller resolution. can iphoto or fireworks do this?



I don't know about iPhoto (not really a hardcore-enough application for me I'm afraid) but Fireworks MX 2004 has a very simple batch processing facility. If you have either this one or an earlier version, try going to File > Batch Process. Once you've chosen your images, you have four default options (Export, Scale, Find and Replace, Rename) together with all the default and custom commands (that can be used to apply colour correction, etc.) Although I haven't used them I would imagine these are exactly like actions in Photoshop IE you can 'record' or create your own scripts to carry out a range of tasks.

It's also apparently possible to use XML files to automate the creation of dynamic text inside graphics, though I haven't had a chance to look at this feature yet.

As an aside, does anyone remember DeBabelizer? This was the batch-processor-to-end-all-batch-processors where image processing was concerned but I haven't heard of anyone using it for years ;)




if you have photoshop... it's pretty easy to set up an action to accomplish what you want in mere minutes.


As Fryke said before:
mark all pictures and press COMMAND (Apple) + SHIFT + E and setup the new size as you desire. This is the easiest way.


'GraphicConverter' has a 'File, Convert & Modify' menu item.
From the menu item's 'Convert & Modify' resultant window you can select the source and destination folders; set the type ['.jpg', '.png', etc.] of the converted / modified files; and, select the 'Scale' function (and set its related 'scale factor').