Resolution Problem


I'm currently running OS X.o.4 on a SE Graphite iBook. And for an odd reason I can only get one resolution on it: 600 x 800. Is there any way I can get a resolution higher than this? When running OS 9 I can get up to 1080. But now I'm stuck with 600. Somebody have any clue about what I can do?
On a graphite iBook? I thought the highest resolution you could was 800x600 .. one of the big improvements on the iBook dual usb was that it's screen resolution could go up to 1024x768.
I second themacko. He is correct, as far as I know. The older iBooks have a 12.1" TFT LCD with a maximum resolution of 800x600 in millions of colors. Now in OS 9.x.x and earlier you can also choose 640x480 but OS X's minimum is 800x600. So that is correct with specs.
Go to your monitors control pane in OS X, there is a checkbox of somesort tat says something like "Show only recomended modes", check/uncheck that and more modes will come up. If the mode that you want doesnt come up, then no luck.

But as mentioned above I think that older iBooks can only doo 800*600 max