Resolution woes.


In the PB I can not switch my monitor resolution to anything lower than 800x600. This prevents some programs from running (for example Quake 3 will not run, Oni will run but it has a border around it. I have also tried a few video players that won't run). From every screenshot I have seen of the newer builds (including the ones on this is the minimum resolution.

I have sent several feedback messages to Apple and would appreciate anyone else who has this trouble doing the same.

The feedback forum is still up @

Actually, I think 1024x768 is actually the minimum supported res. 800x600 & 640x480 are only there for games & legacy apps that need it (well, games mostly)
There is a checkbox in the monitors control panel, and bu default the "only show recomended modes" is checked off. Uncheck that and you can get 640*480. (and 1024*786 as well)