in Mac OS 9.1 I can set my resolution to 1280x1024,60Hz but in Mac OS X it will only let me go as high as 1024x768,75Hz how can I get it to be 1280x1024,60Hz in Mac OS X ?????
According to the service manuals and specs database and all other documentation that Apple gives certified technicians (as of 11/2000) that model doesn't support resolutions over 1024 x 768 at 32-bit color. The one person I know who has one (running 9.1 and not OS X) is unable to get that resolution. Did you alter your system in some way?
if that app changes system properties in os 9, it will only work in os 9. you have to wait for an app that does the same thing to come out for os x...
I don't know why you would want 60Hz. That just about makes my eyes bleed. Doesn't the iMac have a monitor cable inside the case? I seem to remember that my 333MHz iMac has one. If it does, perhaps the plug and play signal could be silenced. That might prove interesting...
Why is this thread in the screenshots section? :)

Anyway... I have a 21" monitor that would be cool to use with my iMac, but when I plug it in to the VGA port it will only display 1024*768, the same as the iMac monitor, quite useless then. Is there anyway around this in Mac OS X? And would switchres let me use higher resolutions in Mac OS 9? At what refresh rate? Is that limited by the graphics adapter or the monitor?
well, according to benp (i don't have an imac, so i can't testify in front of a jury), you can get 1280*1024 @ 60hz... that should transfer over to your monitor, considering that your external monitor isn't old and supports those specs...

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I know a person that killed there iMac moniter by playing with unsupported resolutions. I would not recommend doing so...
I have an iMac...1024 is good, but why on earth would anyone want 1280 on a 15" 13.8" viewable monitor!?!?
my 2 cents
I have a 15" monitor @ home and a 21" at work. I use 832*624 at home and 1024*764 @ work ... and I feel like I am ging blind at times with a 1024 res.... lol I cant take it :p
At school, I use a Beige G4 that has a Sony 21" is set at (I think 1600X1200) and on that monitor, the text size in perspective seems about the same as the 15 internal on my iMac at 1024, so I'm guessing the relative text size of 1024 on a 21" should equal a 15" at 640!
Just thinking out loud!!!!