Response to ksv, and rant about other things...


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I use Mail. I don't understand the point about those instant messengers when you've got email and irc, and possibility to set Mail to check your mail every minute...

Well, it's simple you see, we're Americans... We will IM the guy who sits in the next cubicle... never mind you could reach out and touch him with your hand, he just can't be talked to face-to-face for some odd reason... ;)

If I know anything about being an American I know that I like gadgets, the more little things to do there are, the more batteries they use, the more polution it causes, and the more physical space it takes up... the better. I'm by no means knockin' America, nor Americans... Nor am I saying that a non-American citizen doesn't feel this way either, but my cubicle is almost as big as my first apartment... aren't cubicles supposed to be "space-saving?"

My point is... When an American makes a program (ahem... rather an American conglomorate corporation i.e. AOL, M$, and sometimes Apple too...) It doesn't seem to have any care about such things as HD space... "What? you don't just buy a 17 terabyte drive when you run out of space? Ludicrous!"
(RAM is too cheap to bring into this one)
CPU's as we all know fly out of stores like hot-cakes the minute you put GhZ at the end of it... Not to exclude portable phones either... ;)

So, when I get all bent about AIM taking up 99.832111 % of my CPU it's not without reason... No one ever really tries to stop the big guys. We just end up buying the next best thing on the market, and they get away with taking us for a ride again...

It's all part of the master plan you see... :p

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